It's time to fight back against anxiety, sleep disorders and constant headaches
“Thank God for stress!”

This will be your battle cry once you unlock the truths Steve Perry reveals inside “The Capacity Model”.

Stress is life’s natural gift telling us it’s time to grow!  

You choose:

Will you breakdown?



The secret lies within the three core pillars of capacity building:

Steve Perry is powerfully positioned to guide you to a pro-level capacity upgrade. From his experience as a commercial fisherman in the icy waters of Alaska at age 14, to a 6-figure asphalt maintenance company started as a 15-year-old, to his present-day role building a multiple 7-figure business as the Managing Partner at a branch office of a Fortune 100 financial services firm – Steve’s teaching carries tremendous authority, guiding you to conquer the stress in your life!

Here’s what Fred Sievert – author and retired President of Fortune 100 New York Life Insurance Company said about “The Capacity Model”

“The book is packed with practical gems of advice on how to achieve your optimal performance in all phases of your life. 

 As I read Steve’s book, I took notes and categorized his advice under two broad headings. The first contained those elements of wisdom that I had also followed during my own career either instinctively or through positive experiential reinforcement. I called those examples my “Existing Practices (EP)”. 

The second category contained elements of advice that I labeled, “Actionable Tips (AT)” that were new to me. These were things I felt could facilitate even further advancement to living my best life even at age 73 and beyond.


It was very reassuring to me that I identified 32 EP’s of meaningful advice that I too had practiced in my career. But it is a real tribute to Steve that I had identified 14 AT’s that would serve me well on my continuing journey. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in raising their capacity ceiling in all aspects of life.”

Some of the stress shedding secrets include:

  • The truth about how stress is life‘s natural gift 
  • The framework of capacity and how it enables us to build our best lives
  • How to increase our threshold for experiencing stress
  • Why getting stuff done isn’t a noble pursuit
  • How amygdala hijacking prevents us from reaching breakthrough
  • The three stages of breakdown and how to avoid them
  • Why moving on to greener pastures actually works… Sometimes
  • The four truths that will help you grow your capacity
  • Determinism: your certain future
  • How your attitude sets your altitude and your activity sets your amplitude
  • Why Steve’s not a fan of the phrase work-life balance, and what to replace it with
  • Doing more does not mean working more hours
  • A bold new take on the 80/20 principle
  • How to get 50% of your results in just 90 minutes a week
  • The one and only reason your High School GPA actually mattered
  • How extracurricular activities can increase your capacity
  • The right way to build social interactions
  • How to choose a college for maximum Capacity
  • Why professional licensing is the most important formal education you’ll ever get
  • What is the highest return micro-learning that we can accomplish?
  • The best EDUCATION bang for your buck 
  • How the school of hard knocks increases your capacity
  • How the most difficult work situation Steve experienced ended up making him millions of dollars
  • What it truly means to be a 360° leader
  • How enrollment of others around you can crush stress
  • How it doesn’t matter what age you start athletics, the capacity-building benefits are met do you line
  • The best thing to do at 5 AM for Building capacity
  • How to not be a hypocrite in your leadership
  • How your family helps build your capacity
  • How to milk your first job for all it’s worth
  • How Steve’s hatred for books turned around 180° and yours can too
  • When to not finish a book
  • Why audiobooks could be the top tool to build capacity
  • Why you should keep score with reading
  • How to effectively use book clubs in reducing stress
  • The ultimate guide to hiring a professional coach
  • Which seminars and workshops to go to and which ones to avoid
  • What do podcasts have to do with crushing stress?
  • A simple process for becoming that superhuman-disciplined person that we all know 
  • How to build the right types of exercise habits
  • Why we can’t outwork the fork and what that means
  • Key strategies to control your caloric intake
  • Why we should all have spiritual habits and which ones are the most effective
  • What the phrase “Happy wife, happy life” really means
  • The blueprint for always being able to get in a deep conversation with anyone you’re talking to
  • The reason everyone should want to go to counseling
  • Why road trips are the best way to build a relationship with your spouse
  • The 3 parental habits that will make you a parenting all-star
  • How to schedule the best interactions with your friends to create the most meaningful relationships
  • What moving 26 times taught Steve about how to make intentional choices about his friends
  • The ultimate guide to creating your wife
  • How to live out your purpose daily and why that creates a powerful life that crushes stress
  • The proper way to calendar consistently
  • The timeless lesson that a Facebook live video of a receptionist answering the phone taught Steve
  • The truth about unplugging and how to actually do it
  • The importance of doing things for fun as a high performer
  • How to find the perfect place to volunteer
  • The difference between your life’s vision and life’s mission
  • The biggest Amazon spending hack that will save you tens of thousands of dollars
  • The reason we should all have contentment circles and how they lead to building our best life
  • Why generosity is a vital component of making lots of money
  • While your coach can’t be your manager and your manager can’t be your coach
  • How a mentor is different than a coach or a manager
  • Why no one can hold you accountable
  • How to seek out peers that teach you and encourage you to build your best life
  • What an advocate is and how to find one
  • The ultimate guide to reaching out to celebrities, business leaders, and the ultra-wealthy
  • Why Steve’s kids were leaving a messy bathroom behind them
  • Which extended family to include in your life and which ones to never talk to again
  • The step-by-step process to find the best husband/wife for your best life
  • Why everyone should mentor someone else
  • How to build a relationship with the CEOs of the top companies in your community
  • What does it mean to take your shot and how to do it?

…and many more

As you can see, there’s not a lot of fluff in this book.  It is pure actionable content that will have you accelerating your capacity curve and building your best life in no time.

The immediate response to concepts taught in “The Capacity Model” has been so strong that in just the first few months of publishing, Steve has been flown across the country and been asked to share the message with more than a dozen organizations representing $1 Billion+ in revenue!

Leaders across the country are raving about the impact this is having in their lives and the lives of the individuals within the teams they lead!

Here's What Other People Are Saying About The Capacity Model

"The concept of stress being a gift is a super empowering mindset that I can now adopt!"

- Alex, Managing Partner

"The best book I've read in 2021…I've read hundreds of personal development books and it's refreshing to read one that's not full of fluff…"

- Ryan, Professional Business Coach

"…No matter where you're at in life, Steve Perry gives you the steps to succeed with this book! I'm getting a copy for everyone on my team!"

- Dusty, Top Producing Mortgage Officer

"Love this book! Great read! Will be giving to my team!"

- Danny, Senior Partner

"The author does a great job of delving into personal and professional habits to increase capacity in all areas of our life."

-Chris, Business Owner

"The capacity model is one of the most applicable personal development books I have ever read!"

-Clayton, High-Performance Fitness Coach

“The book provides great leadership lessons. The real-life examples made me feel like I was right there!"

-Nic, Financial Advisor

“This book is easy to read and each paragraph draws you into the next. It is great for both personal growth and team motivation. There are many great approaches to enhancing your life. If you only pick one and apply it you will see measurable positive change."

-Dave, Author and US Navy Lt. Cmdr. (Ret)

"As a new father, husband, and business owner, I walk through the breakthrough strategies almost every day trying to overcome stress. The pillars have been very effective in helping grow my capacity."

-Alex, Business Owner
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It’s time to take your life to the next level.  Don’t let the stress in your life keep you from building your best life.  The tools taught in this book are timeless but instantly applicable.  You could devour the whole book in an afternoon, or spend a month studying and applying each chapter.  The key is to stop procrastinating and take action on your best life right now!

Some of the concepts taught in this book can save you $10,000’s and others can make you $1,000,000’s.  Steve estimates that the framework taught in this book has led to over $10 Million in revenue in the past 5 years alone within his organizations.  But Steve’s mission isn’t “to lead others into making the most money”.  It’s “to lead others into building their best life.”  

Because of THAT mission, this book has led countless others to:

  • Get the actual important stuff done
  • Avoid their brain telling them things that shouldn’t be telling
  • Not quit just because the going gets tough
  • Control their attitude and their activity
  • Achieve proper work/life integration
  • Work fewer hours but get more done
  • Get new professional licenses and not waste money on education that won’t help them build their best life
  • Navigate difficult situations with their boss or coworkers
  • Obtain effective enrollment with their team members
  • Start fitness journeys that will lead to a longer healthier life
  • Lose dozens of pounds
  • Wake up earlier and get the day off to a fast start
  • Achieve heightened relationships with their family
  • Start reading books that speak into their lives
  • Start book clubs with people they enjoy being around
  • Hire coaches that will help them achieve unprecedented levels of success
  • Start attending personal development seminars and workshops
  • Start podcasts
  • Create actual discipline in their life
  • Eat the right foods to give them the energy they need to live their best life
  • Establish spiritual habits that align them with their beliefs
  • Find true happiness in their marriage and enjoy their spouse in ways they haven’t since they were dating
  • Start going to counseling to fix the things that are keeping them from their best life
  • Do fun things with their kids that they intended to but always seem to not have enough time for
  • Start scheduling time for friends that challenge you and help you lived here
  • Come up with a true sense of purpose and meaning for life
  • Master their calendar so they can get the important things done
  • Figure out how to unplug and recharge their batteries consistently so they can operate at a high-level
  • Rediscover fun things to do and actually do them
  • Find meaningful organizations to volunteer at
  • Come up with a grand vision for your life
  • Figure out what contentment looks like and how to use that to always be happy
  • Start giving money to organizations they’re passionate about years before they thought they would
  • Start mentoring others before you even felt like “you’ve arrived”
  • Proactively encouraging those around them and helping them build their best life
  • Connected with ultra high-level people that they never thought possible
  • Stopped giving away time to family and friends that weren’t good stewards of it
  • Oh ya… and they have made over 8-figures in personal revenue for themselves!

If you are this far in and not yet convinced that this book is worth the price tag and the time investment, then I am going to encourage you to not waste any more of your time reading further.  

INSTEAD, take a couple minutes and go invest your time by sending an encouraging message to someone who has had a positive impact on your life, and tell them the difference they have made.  That way you can redeem the last several minutes and take a small step to help someone on their journey to building their best life.

And if you made it this far down and ARE convinced that this book is worth the price tag and your time – NOW is the time to buy!

“Your best life is ahead” – Steve

Stress is a gift...
The Capacity Model will help you turn that stress into a blessing in your life.
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